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You Will Discover the 5-7-4 Method That Has Generate Over $500,000,000 In Sales
5 Step Scientific Sales System
With segmentation reports you'll know which inbound channels are performing the best. All in one is a multipurpose landing page template for any business
7 Core Objections To Overcome
An optimized funnel means more customers by letting you target the right message to the right leads. Multipurpose landing page template for any local business
4 Ways To Close More Sales
Execute on your marketing campaigns with the peace of mind that everything is being tracked and measured. Bundle landing page template suits any startups
Sales sometime may appear like chaos, especially for someone that does not like to sell. So what happens? They shy away from it and their business does not grow to the altitude that it could.

When I left the Marine Corp, I found myself heavily involved in the world of chaos, or sales and had the honor to work with some of the biggest and brightest names out there.

I rose to the top virtually over night using principles I learned in the Marines.

I've realized that you can simplify the sales process using the Military "SMEAC" approach. Since then I have helped my clients generate over $500,000,000 in revenue over the past 5 years using this exact system based on military science I implemented.

I figured if it works to execute military missions it will also work for a simple sales transaction and now I want to share this inside information with you. I look forward to seeing you on the web class!
What OUR CLIENTS Have To Say
Reggie S. Denver
I am a multiple six figure earner. I've used his sales process now for the last few years. Because of this sales system, I know what to say and when to say it. There's no more guessing. I've used this for selling business opportunities, real estate, and different types of home based businesses. I love how Brian has a step by step system. It makes selling so much easier.
Niko W. San Diego, CA
I've had the pleasure to work alongside Brian and learn from his leadership. His work ethic, integrity, and his servitude make him a powerful teammate and mentor. Brian has helped me challenge fear, how to understand it, and how to move through it with courage. Because of what I learned from him I am more impactful in my sales calls and guiding my clients when they are fearful of commitment. Brian's leadership has improved my life, my craft, and my clients buying experience. 
Kevin J. Las Vegas, NV
"I have known Brian for a couple of years now and he is a individual that lives with high integrity and dedication. I consider myself fortunate to have met Brian as he has helped me to learn to be a positive person and apply the core values that he lives by which now I live by in my life." 
Carlee K. Kansas, MO
“I'm Carlee Koehler, for 16 yrs I have been a top producing sales representative and sales trainer for leading coaching and educational companies like FortuneBuilders, Wealth Intelligence Academy and Teach Me To Trade, to name a few. One of the many lessons I have learned developing professional sales people is; The most successful sales people lead by example and they follow a process or "system" for their sales conversations. They have the right behaviors, attitudes and techniques to succeed in a sales environment.
Over the past few years I personally witnessed Brian's ability to walk the talk. He consistently produced a multiple six figure income while being a leader by example, showing others how to achieve the same results. I would highly recommend Brian's training if you are looking to increase your income this year and see consistent results in the future.” 
Brock C.
Thanks to the Coaching Sales Blueprint, I've had a significant increase in not only my sales as an author and relationship coach, but in relating to people better. Even after 15 years of sales, I still learned some incredible things. Highly recommend this course!

Susan P.
“I'm impressed with his ability to inspire and lead. I'm in my 40's and have grandkids, so I wanted more time freedom and a predictable system to live a lifestyle of choice. His knowledge and systems for selling have made a significant impact on how I handle my sales process. It gets results. It's an easy system to follow.” 
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